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Leg Adaptor Kit
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Leg Adaptor Kit.


Set of 3 -7/8 square tube legs bent to proper angle for mounting 8 legs to a 55 gallon drum

Our Price: $27.90

R Pro Kit
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R Pro Kit.


30590 Analog Timer & Guard Feeds 1 to 24 Times Per Day Pro Feeder Kits Adjustable Feed Rate 1 - 30 Seconds Varmint Guard Built-in Fits Most Any Feed Container Pre-wired for Varmint Buster BL-VB1, Solar Panel BL-R680-S Includes Powder Coated "No Blow" Slinger Weather Resistant Housing Requires 6V Battery Recommended DE 30045 (not included)

Our Price: $69.99

RD-Pro Kit
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RD-Pro Kit.


Digital Timer & Guard

Feeds 1 to 16 Times Per Day

Our Price: $79.99

XD Deer Feeder
click on image for details

XD Deer Feeder.


* Digital timer with large LCD display
* Metal spin plate
* Q-Sets 2 pre-configured settings for easy setup
* Adjustable feed rate 1-60 seconds
* Feeds 1 to 16 times per day
* Metal Varmint guard with optional shocking circuit
* Pre-wired for Varmint Zapper Module Activator, Solar Panel AH-VZM and Remote Activator AH-RMT
* Recommended DE-30045 battery not included
* Three 8-FT sectional heavy-duty metal leg

Our Price: $210.00

Young Doe Estrus Bleat
click on image for details

Young Doe Estrus Bleat.


Hunters Specialties can deer calls are easy to use and come in a variety of sizes.

Our Price: $18.64

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