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X Scent - Hunting Apparel with Scent Control

New Advanced Technology
X Scent apparel powered by X-Static ® The Silver Fiber™ is an advanced Scent Elimination System (SES) developed for the hunting industry to eliminate body odor in any hunting environment.

XScent hunting apparel uses pure silver to eliminate body odor by binding silver ions to ammonia and denatured proteins.

X Scent hunting apparel is thermodynamic and will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by conducting body heat away from and around your body, making it highly breathable.

  Below are just some of the many X Scent scent control products that are available. This extensive line of hunting products includes: Camoflage Jackets, Light Weight Knit Gloves, Long Sleeve Tshirt, Mockneck Tshirt, Light Bib Pants, Camoflage Shirt, Head Cover, Pants, Socks and much more...Click here to shop on our site

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